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Why visit Uzbekistan / Why visit Central Asia

Central Asia is a unique destination on the Great Silk Road  with ancient traditions, history and culture and the longest part of the Silk Road lies across the territory of Central Asia.

Spectacular architectural monuments, virgin nature, the deserts, the boundless steppes, the mountain passes, the rivers, the vivid bazaars, the friendly and hospitable people are waiting for you in Central Asia!

The total area of the five republics of Central Asia- KIRGYZSTAN, TAJIKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN and UZBEKISTAN is approximately 1.3 million square kilometers. The Central Asian republics also feature quite different topographies, varying from the wide expanses of desert in primarily flat Turkmenistan to the steep slopes and river valleys of mountainous Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The region contains enormous natural and agricultural resources. All the republics have favorable agricultural regions and some combination of attractive minerals and fuels. Their industrial bases include trained workers, and their populations have relatively high educational levels and literacy rates.

Central Asia has a rich history to which numerous tribes and nationalities have contributed over at least 2,500 years. A vital factor in the history of the southern part of the region was its location astride the most direct trade route between China and Europe, the so-called Silk Route, which began to develop in the heyday of the Roman Empire. Cities such as Samarqand and Bukhara, became powerful cultural and commercial centers as East-West trade increased.

Uzbekistan is a safe place to travel!!
Uzbekistan is the most fascinating country you've never been to.
Uzbekistan is rich in history. Samarkand was conquered by Alexander the Great. The most famous leader to come from Uzbekistan is Tamerlane who was born in Shahrisabz south of Samarkand. Despite being a major stop on the Silk Road, the old stomping ground of Marco Polo and Genghis Khan, it could hardly be further from the modern-day tourist trail.
Uzbekistan is a very hospitable country with centuries old history and rich nature, which attracts tourists with its original culture, ancient architectural monuments, national traditions and unique cuisine.  The country is beautiful in any time of the year, but the most favorable seasons to travel are spring, summer and autumn.

Tours along the Great Silk Road, especially along such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Termez, Kokand, Shakhrisabz, Margilan, Rishtan and Fergana makes one feel the hero of oriental fairy tale. The capital city of Tashkent is the crossroad of cultures of the East and the West, as well as the combination of architectural monuments of ancient epoch. Other cities of Uzbekistan as Muynak, in former times the harbor of Aral Sea, Nukus, the capital of Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, Navoi, one of the youngest cities built during the last century on Kyzylkum desert and Urgench, the capital of Khorezm also have their unique peculiarities. If you are fond of active holidays, there are all possibilities of ecotourism in Uzbekistan.

The transport options have improved somewhat since the days of Silk Road camel trekking. All of Uzbekistan’s main draws are served by low-cost domestic flights, great road links and high-speed trains. You’ll find shared taxis and bus services in all the cities, plus Tashkent has a decent metro with some wonderfully ornate local style stations.

Around 90 per cent of Uzbekistan population is Muslim, but women do not wear the veil: as a result, perhaps, gender equality is much stronger. A lot of younger people have more European and western influence.
Uzbekistan is a country with a developed industry. Leading sectors of the industry are: cotton cleaning, machine building, textile, gas, precious metals, electronics, instrument making, aviation, oil processing, car making, and agricultural processing. Other sectors, including chemical and oil and chemical, power, metallurgy, sector of construction materials and light industries are developing fast.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics Uzbek athletes, having won 13 medals, took 21st place in total medal count. Sports delegation of Uzbekistan finished the competition on the fourth place in Asia, the second in the CIS, the first place in Central Asia. Uzbekistan national team wrapped up its participation in Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Uzbek athletes won 31 medals of Paralympics including 8 gold, 6 silver and 17 bronze medals. Uzbekistan clinched the 15th place in general medal classification.

80% of respondents noted that their choice of Uzbekistan as a tourism destination was driven by a desire to see unique historical monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is noteworthy that 91 % of travelers have rated Uzbekistan as a safe country for tourists, and 90% of them have recommended visiting the country to their friends. The interest in the Silk Road brand ranks high among other travel motivators. 81% of respondents named it among other interests. 93% of guests have distinguished hospitality as the main feature of the Uzbek people. Some others come to Uzbekistan to learn more about famous cuisine, traditions and customs of the Uzbek people.

The average length of stay in our country makes up ten days, during which most of the tourists visit the three pearls - Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.
Uzbekistan Airways, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot are the three top carriers that have been creating the comfortable conditions for tourists on their way to our country.
Modern hotels, shopping centers, recreation areas have been dramatically improving their service. There are more 600 hotels and accommodation facilities throughout the country, including well - known global hotel brands like Lotte, Radisson, Wyndham and Hyatt Regency.

Accommodation. We provide only best available accommodation for your choice including breakfasts everyday. There are 5, 4, 3, 2 star hotels, moreover among them there are also best B&B traditional smaller hotels with great atmosphere and service. All you have to do is to inform us what type of accommodation you prefer. Hotels in Uzbekistan

Transportation. for the whole tour you will be providing with Luxury motor coach, fully equipped transportations such as: Big bus, mini bus, mini van and sedan depending on the size of the group. All means of transportations have AC, microphone (except sedan), seat belts and audio systems as well as professional drivers who will kindly help you in many arrangements during your tour. Transport services

Visa support. Our company will provide you the Visa support free of charge (Letter of invitation) in 7 days after receiving the copy of your passport and certificate of employment. LOI will help you to accelerate the process of obtaining your Uzbek visa at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in your home country. However most of the European citizens may not need such document. Uzbekistan visa support

Meals. Most of the meals have to be arranged by your own, due to difference of cuisine preferences and individual leisure time spending of the group. Good lunch and dinner at the best restaurants will cost you around 10 USD per pax per Lunch/dinner. The farewell banquet dinner and all breakfast are included in the main price. Food in Uzbekistan

Escort guide. Sightseeing excursion The groups starting from 4 pax will be accompanied by English speaking or other foreign speaking Escort guide from the company. The main duty of whom is taking care of all necessary arrangements during your tour such as: meeting/taking to airports, giving information about the country in the bus during transfers, city tours and many other requests of the client.

Taxes, Tips, Portage fees at airport and hotels. This is all included in the main price, except tips to drivers and Escort guide which is free will and you can decide for your own in making any tips.

Payment. The cost of the tour can be paid via bank transfer or using other options which can be discussed through communication with us.

Reservation instructions
Reservations should be made as early as possible to guarantee the departure of your choice. Below we present you the different tour programs which cover the most famous highlights of the country. Please choose the program you would like to join and simply send us email with your inquiry and leave the rest to us, we are happy to receive maximum information of your wishes and interests, which will help us a lot in providing you the highest quality service.

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