a Gur Emir mausoleum



a Gur Emir mausoleum



Travel to Uzbekistan & Central Asia by the Great Silk Road

Central Asia is a unique destination on the Great Silk Road with ancient traditions, history and culture and the longest part of the Silk Road lies across the territory of Central Asia.

The Great Silk Road is one of the most significant achievements in the history of the world civilization.

Spectacular architectural monuments, virgin nature, the deserts, the boundless steppes, the mountain passes, the rivers, the vivid bazaars, the friendly and hospitable people are waiting for you in Central Asia (KIRGYZSTAN, KAZAKSTAN, TAJIKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN and UZBEKISTAN)!

Uzbekistan is a safe place to travel!!

Tours along the Great Silk Road, especially along such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Termez, Kokand, Shakhrisabz, Margilan, Rishtan and Fergana makes one feel the hero of oriental fairy tale

Uzbekistan is a land of ancient and rich culture. Numerous historical monuments evidence its high cultural standards and national originality.

Traveling around Uzbekistan is an adventure filled with fascinating cultural discoveries, history and breathtaking natural beauty. Tourists have the opportunity to travel through living history, not just among remains kept in the confines of a museum, but also experience the silence of the distant past in sites of ancient settlements, temples and tombs — a great place to have rest from impetuous civilization.

About Marakanda Travel

Marakanda Travel is a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan and can provide you with Letter of Invitation (LOI). Time required providing LOI is 7 working days.

Based in Tashkent, Marakanda Travel specializes in inbound tourism in Uzbekistan. We are committed to providing a unique travel experience to our clients through quality travel services at the right price. We do not just organize tours, but also provide full support to our partners with travel information our Internet site. We will help you to develop detailed itinerary of tours with interesting and accurate description of the country and places of the tourist interest. Customized tours and private travel are becoming more and more popular.

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Bonjour Kamol,
Bien que rentrés en France depuis maintenant 2 semaines, avec mon épouse avons encore dans les yeux et l'esprit les magnifiques images de votre pays que vous avez eu la gentillesse et le talent de nous faire découvrir. L'organisation de notre séjour a été parfaite dans notre quête de faire du "tourisme à vélo"...

Max Creveuil

Oct 29 2016

We provide various travel services in Uzbekistan including:

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